I eat sushi and design interfaces

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BENZAI is the collaboration of freelance designers Benny Chew and Jenneke Choe. Banzai! This is the positive attitude we have day in day out. We love our work and are passionate about everything related to art, design and interactive media. Most importantly it's the people we care about who are using our products. To give them a pleasant user experience and to put a smile on their faces, that is what we strive for. So how can we help you?

Meet the team

  • Benny Chew

    Benny Chew, Jack of all trades

    When Benny was still in diapers he was already eating sushi and creating websites. He has a huge love and passion for interactive media and always strives for perfection. It doesn't matter whether he has to do the creative or the technical part (or both) of the work. His mission is to engage people with fun and engaging interactive experiences.


    • UX/UI Design
    • Website Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • 3D Modeling/Shading


  • Jenneke Choe

    Jenneke Choe, Puppetmaster

    Like many kids in the kindergarten Jenneke enjoyed drawing cute teddy bears and monsters. Eventually she discovered how to make her drawings come to life by making a series of drawings. She then knew she wanted to become an animator. Her mission is let her puppet creations take over the world and make a lasting impression.


    • Illustration
    • Character Design
    • Icon Design
    • 2D/3D Animation